Digital libraries

On this page you will find a collection of links to digital libraries with a special interest for legal history. Ordering them by country is a random affair, in particular when modern borders do not fit with historical frontiers. The links collections on the pages for the different law systems mention relevant digital libraries. On the page for common law you will find information for Great-Britain. The Netherlands and Belgium are treated on the page for Old Dutch Law. Materials concerning legal history are of course present elsewhere, too. Currently this page contains information about some eighty countries. Additions and corrections are not only welcome, but really necessary.

The section Other libraries is a first small effort to guide you to collections for legal history for a number of topics and countries in more general digital libraries. Websites for constitutions, treaties and international projects are dealt with in a separate section, with special attention for Asia. The information presented here focuses on freely accessible materials. Major scientific libraries offer access to subscribed websites and databases, often even accessible at home for card holders.

However incomplete these listings are, it is most practical to arrange them along the continents, in alphabetical order Africa, America, Asia, the Middle EastAustralia and Europe. This arrangement shows the gaps more clearly. It should work also as an invitation to submit suggestions.

For tracking official gazettes the Foreign Official Gazette Database (Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, IL) is very helpful. CRL has digitized also rare African, Iraqi and iranian gazettes. In some cases older editions have been digitized at the websites for current gazettes which can be found using portals for contemporary law such as Globalex, GLIN and the World Legal Information Institute. Sometimes the overview at Government Gazettes Online will help you; the list at the English Wikipedia is also helpful. You can also try the Foreign Official Government Gazettes Database (IALS, School of Advanced Studies, London). Another important overview with links to online versions of current gazettes is the Gazette Collection of the Library of Congress.

I have started to include here also digitized parliamentary proceedings. Legal historians often deal with old books. This page offers also some guidance to old printed books, including incunabula and blockbooks, both in online bibliographies and digital libraries. Digitized pamphlets are presented on a special page.


Some general digital libraries:








  • Namibian Digital Archive, Polytechnic of Nambia, Utah Valley University and National Archives of Namibia – digitized archival collections, photographs, films and books

South Africa




General digital libraries








  • Cuban Heritage Collection, University of Miami Libraries – several digital collections concerning the history of Cuba
  • Cuban Law, eCollections, Florida International University Law Library, Miami – a small but important digital collection with materials printed and used before 1961
  • Mario Diaz Cruz Collection, eCollections, Florida International University Law Library, Miami – materials collected by a prominent Cuban lawyer

Dominican Republic


  • Guatemala Collection, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University – Internet Archive – some 200 early works



  • Jamaica Law, University of the West Indies, Mona – four volumes of the Laws of Jamaica between 1906 and 1910




  • Biblioteca Virtual, Biblioteca Nacional del Perú, Lima
  • Archivo Digital de la Legislación en el Perú, Congreso de la República de Perú – the Leyes de Indias, constitutions and laws
  • Constituciones del Perú, Congreso de la República de Perú – constitutions from 1823 to 1993
  • Peru Collection, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University – Internet Archive – more than 1,000 digitized early printed books
  • Biblioteca Indiana, Proyecto Estudios Indianos, Universidad de Pacifico, Lima and Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona – a small digital library with Early Modern books; interface Spanish and English

Puerto Rico


Trinidad and Tobago

  • Digital Legislative Library, Government of Trinidad and Tobago – a digital law library with books, documents and records from 1838 to 2014

United States of America




For some countries the Asian Legal Information Institute provides also historical information. Some digital libraries are concerned with several countries or a large region, in particular East Asia and South Asia:

  • Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Südasien (SaViFa), Universität Heidelberg – a portal with quick access to digital collections, bibliographies and much more
  • Ostasiatica, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin-Preussischer Kulturbesitz – this digital library covers Indonesia, China, Japan and other countries; do visit their portal and web guide CrossAsia
  • South East Asia Digital Library, Northern Illinois University – with also web directories
  • Ostasien, Digitale Sammlungen, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich – manuscripts and books from Korea, Japan and China (7th-19th century)
  • Digital South Asia Library, University of Chicago and Center for Research Libraries, Chicago – also for maps and images, and for example the South Asian Union Catalogue, a historical bibliography of works printed since 1556
  • SouthEast Asian Images & Texts, University of Wisconsin – for Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and the Philippines
  • Digital South Asia, Universität Tübingen – with the Epigraphia Canatica
  • Literatur zu Süd-Asien, Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg – works from the eighteenth to the twentieth century
  • e-Asia Digital Library, University of Oregon – in particular for China, Japan and Korea
  • International Dunhuang Project, British Library – the BL leads an international consortium of major libraries for digitizing the manuscripts found at Dunhuang which pertain to the history of China, Tibet and other countries
  • Digital Himalaya, Cambridge University and University of British Columbia, Vancouver – a project concerning Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and other countries
  • South East-Asia in the Ming-Shi Lu, National University of Singapore – access to the 3,000 reference in the Chinese imperial chronicles
  • Indian Ocean Digital Collection, New York University – a collection for among others islands such as Madagascar and Mauritius
  • Malay Concordance Project, Australian National University – a digital collection with 165 pre-modern texts from Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Asean Digital Library, National Library Board, Singapore, and Association of South East Asian Nations – a portal for several digital libvrary collections in South East Asia
  • Digital Resources, American Oriental Society – a concise overview of major digital project sconcerning the ancient and modern Near East and Asia
  • Bibliothèque Numérique Asiatique / Asian Digital Library – Institut d’Asie Orientale, Lyon, and Université Aix-Marseille – digtized books, periodicals, theses, sound recordings and archival documents

Middle East

  • Menalib, The Middle East Virtual Library, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle
  • Bibliothek Goussen, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn – some 850 digitized works in Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Georgian, Syrian mainly from the eighteenth and nineteenth century
  • Gateway to Gazettes (G2G), Yale University Library – digital versions of two gazettes, for independent Syria and British Mandate Palestina, 1919-1948
  • Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library (AMEEL), Yale University Library – apart fro two gazettes also manuscripts, journals, manuscript catalogues and dictionaries
  • Oman Digital Library, Middle East Institute, Washington, D.C. – a general digital library concerning the Middle East
  • Digltal Library of the Middle East (DLME) – an international project for digital collections and exhibits, now in the prototype phase




East Timor


Hong Kong




  • Asnad: Digital Persian Archive, Centrum für Nah- und Mittelost-Studien, Philipps-Universität, Marburg – historical documents up to the 20th century


  • Digital Library, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem
  • Digitized Book Repository, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem
  • Digital Media Center, Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library, University of Haifa – a digital library with several sections, including historic maps and aerial photos, rare books and a archive on Druzes



  • Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts, National Library of Laos, Universität Passau and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin-Preussischer Kulturbesitz – with also manuscripts concerning law







  • Qatar Digital Library, Qatar National Library – a general digital library about Arab history and culture



  • Books SG, National Library of Singapore – a digital library with Malaysian manuscripts and a number of (recent) legal works

South Korea

Sri Lanka




  • Fonds Indochine, National Library of Vietnam – French publications from the seventeenth century onwards; interface in English and Vietnamese

Australia and New Zealand


New Zealand



  • ALEX, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna – historical legislation – including official gazettes – and administration, parliamentary records, jurisprudence and legal journals
  • Archiv 1848, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna – documents on the revolution of 1848

For Austria the portal RepÖstRG, Repertorium digitaler Quellen zur österreichischen Rechtsgeschichte in der Frühen Neuzeit, created by Heino Speer (Klagenfurt), offers you quick access to digitized legal sources and also scholarly literature; there is a second URL.



Czech Republic


  • Studér Middelalder på Nettet – texts in Old Danish, with also some legal texts: the Jyske Lov, the Skånske Kirkelov and the Flensborg Stadsret
  • Eremit: Litteratur om København – digitized literature on the history of Copenhagen
  • E-Bøger, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen – some five hundred digitized old books with legal works among them


  • Digital Library, National Library of Estland
  • EEVA, Tartu University and Estonian Literature Museum – a digital library with texts up to the mid-nineteenth century; interface in Estonian, English, German and Russian
  • DSpace at Tartu University Library – in this digital repertory you can find also older books, especially in German and Russian


  • Doria, National Library of Finland – digitized books, maps, manuscripts and ephemera; interface in Finnish, Swedish and English






  • Handrit – digitized medieval manuscripts and old books of the Arnamagnaeanske Samling, Kopenhagen, the National and University Library and the Stofnun Árna Magnússonar, Reykjavik
  • Tímarit, National and University Library, Reykjavik – digitized journals from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroer
  • Baekur, National and University Library, Reykjavik – digitized old books from Iceland
  • Digital books, National and University Library, Reykjavik – Internet Archive – some 1,400 books
  • Islandica: A Series in Icelandic Studies, Cornell University – some modern and some older volumes in this book series have been digitized, in particular Halldór Hermannsson, The Ancient Laws of Norway and Iceland. A Bibliography (Ithaca, N.Y., 1911)

Ireland and Northern Ireland



  • Digital Library, National Library of Latvia – here also for example old maps


  • Epaveldas – the central digital library of Lithuania
  • Teisés Aktu Registras (Register of Legal Acts) – Lithuanian legislation, partially from 1940 onwards, mostly starting with 1990
  • Digital Library, Vilnius University Library


  • DigiVault, National Library of Malta – the general digital library of Malta



  • Det digitale Nasjonalbiblioteket, Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo
  • Digitale bøker, Digitalarkivet, Arkivverket – this digital library contains some books on old law (Gamle lov)
  • Dokumentasjonsprosjektet, Universitetet i Oslo – a portal to several text collections and research tools such as the Diplomatarium Norvegicum and the Regesta Norvegica
  • Minuskel, Universitetet i Oslo – a digital library
  • Lovdata – a website of the Ministry of Justice and Oslo University for Norwegian legislation, both in Norse and English, with also historical legislation
  • Medieval Nordic Text Archive (Menota) – with the accompanying portal where you will find dictionaries and much more







  • Digital Library of Slovenia – the digital library of the National and University Library
  • Sistory Zgodovina Slovenije [Portal for Slovenian History] – with access to digitized archival collections, books and journals, including census records, official gazettes, parliamentary debates and legislation; interface Slovenian and English




  • e-Helvetica, Swiss National Library, Bern – the beta-version of its digital library
  • Bibliothèque numérique RERO DOC – with an user interface in four languages
  • e-raraSwiss electronic library – a digital library portal for old editions, with a search interface in English, German and French
  • Amtsdruckschriften, Schweierisches Bundesarchiv, Bern – the Bundesblatt from 1848 onwards, diplomatic documents for 1848-1945, Bundesratsprotokolle 1848-1882, and the Amtliches Bulletin der Bundesversammlung 1971-1995
  • Verfassungsgeschichte, A. Tschentscher, Bern – Swiss constitutions and constitutional documents; there are also sections for the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Retrodigitized Journals – among these journals are the Gesetze, Dekrete und Verordnungen des Kanton Berns (1811-1993)
  • Sammlung Schweizerischer Rechtsquellen online (SSRQ), Rechtsquellenstifitung des Schweizerischen Juristenvereins – digitized versions of the earlier series with source editions; interface in German, French and Italian
  • Rechtsquellen Online, Staatsarchiv des Kantons Zürich – with more search functions than at SSRQ; interface German
  • Wickiana, Zentralbibliothek Zürich – 430 popular prints with (illustrated) news from the sixteenth century collected by Johann Jacob Wick

Other digital libraries and link collections

A number of digital libraries is concerned with constitutions in several European countries or even worldwide:

For treaties one can point to a number of good resources:

You can find a number of treaties – often translated into English – in Yale’s Avalon Project.

Some digital libraries are the fruit of international cooperation or cover several countries:

Here a number of other useful digital libraries:

A number of existing collection of links will guide you to many more digital libraries:

For old legal books it is never too late to check the holdings of the Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte in Frankfurt am Main and this institute’s catalogues of old editions created by Douglas Osler. National bibliographies, bibliographies of legal books – e.g. the Bibliography of Early American Law by Morris L. Cohen (6 vol., Buffalo, N.Y., 1998; supplement 2003) – and special bibliographies for old editions, some of them online:

The Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) offers a number of online bibliographic databases, including a portal to search in several online catalogues for old editions and manuscripts, and the Heritage of the Printed Book (HPB) database for searching copies of Early Modern books.

For incunabula, books printed before 1501, the following websites provide ample information and help:

Blockbooks, books printed in the fifteenth century without moving types, have been in particular digitized in the following collections: